Did you know?

  • You must never leave your shoes in a car or in the sun. Because the cushioning part of the shoe is made up of little air bubbles that are enclosed in a foam structure. Therefore if your shoes are exposed to temperatures over 50 C, then the air can escape and your shoes could lose their cushioning.
  • Shoes must be stuffed with paper if they are wet.
  • Running shoes last approximately 1000 kms before they are replaced.
  • To dry shoes, one must rotate them.
  • To prevent fatigue and leg pain, one must alternate heel heights.
  • During the renaissance, shoe fashions ran to ridiculous extremes. The higher the rank of the wearer, the longer the toes. The French called these long shoes "poulaines" after Poland, and the English, "crakows" after Cracow, then capital of Poland.
  • Some people wore shoes two and half feet from heel to toe and held up the toes by tying them to the knees with chains.
  • During World war II, women used household items including cellophane and pipe cleaners to create festive shoe decorations.
  • Shoes can be made reasonably waterproof by oiling or rubbing them with lard.

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