Did you know?

  • Before 1800 there were no separately designed shoes for right and left feet.
  • Barbie has, to this day, over a billion pair of shoes.
  • In-line skates were invented by a Dutch inventor in the early 1700s when he attached spools to his shoes. Conventional roller skates, with 2 pairs of rollers, were invented in 1863.
  • Dutch children stuffed wooden shoes with straw for St. Nicholas' donkey. According to tradition, after feeding the straw to his donkey, Nicholas thanked the children by putting a treat in each shoe.
  • Cowboys wear high heels to keep their shoes from falling out of the stirrups.
  • When women are angry with men, 40% of them throw their shoes.
  • Celine Dion owns over 400 pairs of shoes, her favorite colors being black, white and red.
  • On average, people buy new shoes every 1.6 years, however, they throw out shoes at a rate of 3.7 years.

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