Shoe superstitions on Luck

  • "Find a penny, put it in your shoe, you'll have good luck, the whole day through". This depends on what side up the penny is facing. Heads is good luck, tails is not.
  • Keep red pepper and salt in your shoes for luck. Salt and pepper kept in your left shoe causes good luck. Wear salt in the heel and tow of your right shoe to be lucky. Wearing pepper in your shoes will keep your feet warm during cold weather.
  • It is unlucky for lovers to give each other a gift of shoes.
  • Don't buy your man a pair of shoes or he will walk out of your life forever.
  • Putting your stockings in your shoes before going to bed will cause you bad luck.
  • It causes misfortune to place your shoes higher than your head.
  • New shoes that have never been worn should be put high above the floor for luck.
  • To put on tow shoes that are not mates is the sign of good luck.
  • If you pull on odd shoes and change them, you will meet with an accident.
  • To have good luck, salt and pepper an old shoe and burn it.

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