Shoe care for Nubucks / Oil Nubucks

Nubuck is among the most preferred leathers for casual shoes worldwide. The velvety effect of nubuck is achieved by buffing the leather with fine grit emery paper and coating the surface with special oils. However preserving the nubuck effect is no easy task. Because unlike other leathers, nubuck tends to lose its original color very easily if not looked after properly.

The key to keeping nubuck shoes in tip top condition is a suede and nubuck cleaner. It removes the dust from the shoes and pulls up the nap without saturating or damaging the texture of Nubuck. However for scuffed shoes, a suede and nubuck renovator is ideal. As it renovates and revives the original color of nubuck shoes. It also protects the shoes from staining by coating them with a thin water-repellant film.

While brushing nubuck one has to be gentle because it is softer than suede and can be easily damaged.

Shoe care for Nubucks / Oil NubucksFor best results

  • First remove surface dirt from shoes.
  • Then brush shoes with a suede and nubuck brush.
  • Liberally apply the suede and nubuck cleaner.
  • Allow to dry away from direct heat.
  • Before it dries completely, again brush with the suede and nubuck brush to raise the nap.

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