Shoe care for Smooth Leathers

Smooth leathers due to the fine grain and tight stretch on the surface are amongst the finest leathers in the world. But rain, mud, slush, oil and grease could damage them beyond recognition. However this can be prevented by regular use of wax or liquid shoe polish.

Wax shoe polish contains smooth, rich wax emulsion that feeds and nourishes the leather keeping it soft and supple. A higher wax content increases water repellency and gives your shoes a long lasting high gloss shine. Besides, it also repairs scuff marks and restores the color of your shoes.

And if you want your shoes to come out shining in a jiffy, there's always the convenience of liquid shoe polish. It allows for controlled, even application without wastage. Which means, you can clean and shine your shoes in one easy application.

Shoe care for Smooth LeathersFor best results

  • Remove dust or grime from shoes.
  • Rub wax polish in circular motions well into the shoe to ensure even application.
  • Wait for two minutes for the wax to penetrate.
  • Then buff to a shine using a soft cloth.

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