Shoe care for Suede

Suede is the most widely used leather for casual shoes. However maintaining suede shoes and other accessories can be difficult because like nubuck it loses it original color very easily.

But with a suede and nubuck cleaner you'll find that looking after your suede shoes isn't as tough as it seems. Because it contains a special formulation that lifts out ingrained dirt and stains without saturating or altering the original appearance of the shoes. However for scuffed shoes a suede and nubuck renovator is ideal. As it renovates and revives the original color of nubuck shoes. It also protects the shoes from staining by coating them with a thin water-repellant film.

Suede uppers can also be cleaned with sneaker shampoos that remove stains and dirt.

Shoe care for SuedeFor best results

  • First remove surface dirt from shoes.
  • Then brush shoes with a suede and nubuck brush.
  • Liberally apply the suede and nubuck cleaner.
  • Allow to dry away from direct heat.
  • Before it dries completely, again brush with the suede and nubuck brush to raise the nap.

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